Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Harbor View RV in Colonial Beach, VA

Holy potato, it's been 6+ months since I last blogged.


At my last entry, we had just left Mike and Ginny's house where we moochdocked in their driveay. On our way to York, we spent a few days at Harbor View campgound. When we got there, we pulled into the parking lot and walked up to the office to see if it was still open. From the playground next to the office we heard squeals of delight of, "THEY HAVE KIDS!". Paige and Logan went to play with them about the time we headed out to find a spot. Given that our kids became quick friends with their kids, we shot for a spot near the other family; in fact, we ended up right next to them! We spent the next 4 days getting to know each other's families.

I did have to laugh at the neighbor on the other side. As I'm hooking up water and sewer, he pointed at me loudly proclaimed to his wife, "that's why we have a class A" and then actually told me "you should have gotten a class A". I smiled and nodded and thought unpleasant things about him.

We had a quiet corner where the kids played together.
Here's our campsite for the stay
Ironically after testing our fire escapes, we almost had a fire!
Hand towel too close to the stove.
A look at the little pond at the campground

Playground fun

A little ping pong

While there, I headed up to Fairfax to work at the office;
afterwards, we went out to dinner

Plastic table covers, food served in plastic bags, and head-on shrimp.
Seriously delicious.
More Colonial Beach/Harbor View pics.

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