Monday, June 22, 2015

Moving In: tackling boxes and bags

Wether it was the fact that we decided to start this adventure in March/April, or we are just busy, or we are procrastinators, or we just plain suck at time/project management- the move out of our house and into the camper was a wild and screaming slide into home plate. For better or worse, the camper was (is) filled with stacked boxes and bags. Nothing was in its place and there's just SO MUCH STUFF.

As we started unpacking:

We woke up to Day 3 at our overnight stop at Pecan Park RV Resort. As I mentioned, it's a little expensive ($46) but it's about a minute off of I-95 and all of their lots are paved pull-thrus. In the summer, there are many sites to pick from. (In the winter, I called ahead and they reserved a site for me leaving a traffic come in it. Call ahead in the winter- they fill with snowbirds.) When we arrived, I stayed hitched up and only connected electric. In the morning, I ended up connecting water and sewer for my shower and to dump some extra weight (after our weighing the night before). We paid and registered at the office, paid our fee, and were on the road before 11.

Their WiFi password made me laugh; it's the exact same password that I use for my development/developer accounts.

This thing was pretty unique.

We made one quick stop for fuel. I like to make sure I'm not running low when I go to park because you never know how poorly I'll do it. While there, I saw this sign on the motorhome at the fuel pump beside me.

We made it!

But, holy tight gates. I swear next time- I'm straddling the cement barrier over 2 lanes. OR- coming in the back way to Fort Wilderness and skipping this entirely (but then- what would I do for a picture?!).

We arrived at Fort Wilderness around 2:30. Surprisingly, we pulled up and there was one other camper checking in. We got through pretty quick.

When given my site number, I checked it against the Fort Fiends App and found that it was labeled "Backin: Difficult". Mandie laughed at my worry and, in so many words, told me to "suck it up, buttercup".

Fortunately, no one was occupying the site across from us and it was an easy backin.

As the title of this post suggests, we spent most of the day unpacking. Mandie tackled the kitchen and I did some stuff in the basement. We both tackled clothes in the bedroom. It feels good to start unpacking- the not knowing where crap is and the multitude of boxes is overwhelming!

Plus, we started to see the doubles and triples that these last couple of weeks brought. Because we were rushed- a lot of discussions were essentially, "Do we need this for the camper? I don't know, throw it in a box." The more stuff we pitch, the closer we get to being within the camper's gross/maximum weight limit.

Random pictures- Logan looking boss in his wife beater and sunglasses.


  1. I'm excited to follow you guys along this journey. Something you will all remember for a very long time :)

  2. Love following you guys & seeing all the pictures! And really love seeing Paige out of her boot! Yay, Paige!!! 😀