Thursday, April 9, 2015

Route, draft v0.2

As I mentioned, the planned route has been a living document. It changes as we get suggestions for places to go, people to see, and things to do. It also has to live up to some constraints (remarkably the most set in stone ones revolving around Disney!).

Route, draft v0.2
As I also mentioned, I've been building the route and keeping notes two ways:
  1. Using's Trip Planner
  2. Using a spreadsheet on Google Drive
But, here's the basic plan in words:
  • Starting from our home in Columbia, MD - drive to Florida over 2 nights where we'll spend a week at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground
  • Spend another 2 weeks in nearby Clermont, FL where we'll play at Disney and do final touches on making the camper more livable + getting organized
  • Start our counter-clockwise trek around the outer part of the United States:
    • Spending a week in Atlanta, Cincinnati, and then just outside of Detroit
    • From here, we'll start to head west through Chicago, up to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and then bouncing around a bit until we make it to the West Coast
    • We'll make our way south exploring Washington, Oregon, and the California coast
    • At Mexico, we'll make a hard-left and head east through Arizon until we end up back in Florida where we'll spend 4-5 weeks avoiding the cold weather
  • As spring starts to peak around the corner, we'll head back out and trek around the inner United States in a clockwise direction:
    • Going into northern Alabama and making our way over to California (via Vegas, baby!) where we'll visit Death Valley and Yosemite
    • We'll reverse back, continuing north and eastward through Nevada, up into Wyoming for Yellowstone
    • We'll drop down into Denver to visit some family and hit Pikes Peak
    • The final Midwest jaunt will be to head eastward to St. Louis for the Gateway Arch
    • Our last scheduled stop is in West Virginia because, you know- that's an empty spot on my "states camped in" map!
All told, we currently have 59 weeks planned over a departure date of June 19 and returning in August of 2016!


  1. Sooo cool! Hoping that you and Mandie have a fabulous time on your adventure, and can't wait to see photos of all of the places you have visited! Have a great time!

    All the best from Key Property Management!


  2. Dude, have you noticed how Google ran out letters for the flags?!

  3. You dont like Tennessee? Many do come to Nashville and Memphis. Besides I am here and as old as I am getting, I may soon be labeled a national monument!!!

    1. Ha! It's not that we dislike Tennessee. We wanted to make sure that we hit places that we couldn't "easily" hit from our current home in Maryland in a couple of weeks or month in the future. Most of the east coast is being avoided, other than an overnight stop or two when we first kick off. (Well, except for Florida- and that's because we're Disney freaks.)