Thursday, June 18, 2020

Is this the end?

After we took our end date off of the table for our one year trip, people would ask us how long we would stay on the road? Honestly, we never knew. Every place we went to ended with us leaving and saying, “man, I’d love to go back there one day!” I knew RV life wasn’t forever, I just didn’t know what or how you decided you had done enough, and you had seen enough, and that it was time to hang the RV up.

My stock answer was always, “as long as it stays fun.” And then as Paige for older, I started adding “and practical” to my answer.

Time goes on, things change, and we started looking at things differently. There’s no one thing that I can say, “this, this is why we got off of the road.” And no, I don’t blame the coronavirus. It may have helped us realize what was in our hearts but it didn’t make our minds for us.

So now that we’ve announced our big change, I’ll answer a few questions that we’ve gotten as we told individual people.

Tell me about the house!

It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom manufactured home. It has an office/den off of the master bedroom for my work and for Mandie’s Traveling Creations crafting. It’s in a managed resort-like community with 3 pools, 2 hot tubs, a small snack bar, and a ballroom that they usually have events (or you rent it out).

It’s a just outside of Disney.

It’s also 5 miles from Thousand Trails Orlando and 3 miles from Lake Magic RV Resort. We are right at the fulltime families Florida hub. Which means, we’ll get to keep seeing our family of friends!

Are there RV hookups?

Nope, but there are TT parks nearby. There are 3 within 8-9 miles. You can be close!

Are you done traveling? What about the truck and camper?

No! Well, we don’t think so. As I told my mother-in-law, any answer I give now about the future is completely made up. We are scheduled to go on a multi-month trip days after closing.

We are keeping the truck and RV as long as we continue to use it. The community does lawn care and we are keeping our mail service so that we can lock the door and walk away on a whim.

We are going to store the RV nearby.

Didn’t... didn’t you sell all of your stuff?

Yes! Man oh man, we have so little stuff. And we really don’t want to empty the camper since we still want to use it. So now we have 100% of all of the house stuff to get!

Are you still going to homeschool?

Yep, neither kid has any interest in going to public school. They both want to stay homeschooled.

Are the kids excited?

Very. They both get their own rooms and are already laying them out in their heads. Paige has a Pinterest board for “Dream Room”.

We took the kids over there today for the first time (we picked it and got the contract on Tuesday). They ran around and were excited about the littlest things. Even the Community Manager laughed when Paige was agog over the number of outlets in the rooms.

Paige describes it as the size of a mansion. Logan wholeheartedly agreed! It’s not, it’s only 1680 sq. ft. but hey, we toured smaller.

Going to get a dog next?

Oh heck no!