Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dover, PA @ Gettysburg Farm

From York, we didn't go far and headed over to Gettysburg Farm in Dover. We kept things pretty quiet- nice low key setup, checked out the baby animals, visited with family and friends, headed down to Hopkins for a check-up for Paige, and went into Gettysburg for the start of a Civil War unit in Paige's schooling. Needless to say, it was a quick 3 weeks.

Our site- nice shade; bad when it rained, though.

No seriously, we took it easy!

Our first dinner outside in a long time. Look close,
how many York-area-specific items can you count?

Baby goats!

Dominoes is (well, was) a regular for us.

Dinner date with my beautiful sister.

The absolute cutest baby. Right before she threw up on me.
Ava, you win this round. You just wait, though.

Love our nurse, Kathy at Hopkins. This'll be our last visit to her, though.
Insurance company won't approve MRIs without symptoms.

Dinner at MOD Pizza with friends.

Paige's Mother's Day card for Mandie.

The start of our Gettysburg Battlefield day.

We rented an iPad tour. Pretty neat stuff.

Virginia Memorial.

It never quite rained.. just was wet and misty.

Playing "war" and shooting his "gun".

Devil's Den.

The Visitor Center is beautiful.

Love Altland and Friends for haircuts!

Grandpa Pedro and Grandma Janet came to visit.

Terrible flash, but 2 wonderful women.

Pardon the clutter, but grandpa and Logan playing with cars.

Before we rolled out, I had to top up a tire.
More Dover, PA @ Gettysburg Farms pics.

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