Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Millersville, PA @ Circle M

We didn't go far when we left Gettysburg Farm. We headed over to Lancaster to Circle M. While there, the Cropps met up with us, we did some Amish tours, went to the Turkey Hill Experience, had a birthday party for Logan, went to a Memorial Day party, visited with family and friends, and even had a yard sale! Talk about a busy 3 weeks.

Our site at Circle M

Really strange slope to the site made for some interesting blocking of the steps.

Birthday dinner for me.
Birthday cards, I feel loved!

I "helped" JR, Kyle, and Alan install a windshield

Logan "helped" in the flowerbed

Dinner at Tara's House


Oh sweetie, you're so beautiful

I tried to take their picture, but the camera kept taking mine.

Cousins computer time


Can you believe it? Someone TP'd their bathroom!

Turkey  Hill Experience

Fun times!

I'm so creative in my naming. Unfortunately, I should have named it
"ass" as that is what it tasted like!

So many mix-ins.

Flavoring flavors.


Silly face time!

The slide was fun

Once Byron did it, I knew I had to try...

And the fat man fits!

 Mobile RV Tech

He made it look easy. When I climbed that ladder, I stumbled as I
stepped over the top.

Proof that my camper is trying to burn itself up.
This was wiring for my water heater.

Amish Tour 

But first, tea time.



Davina talking with my Grandma and Aunt

Whoa now, that's my truck!

Pool time with the Wises and friends

He said the water was too cold

They've got jokes.

Dinner with the Dustins

Fire-time with the Wises

 Memorial Day Get Together

JR and his granddaughter

The many faces

Slip and slide

More Camper Issues

The switch burnt itself up. Fortunately I was able
to bypass it.

I put a new filter in and apparently didn't tighten it enough.

Pool  Time with the Weizers

Aren't we cute?

Moved up to the indoor pool

Birthday and Yard Sale

Moving the car to make room for the yard sale

It's a big day, he's 4 now!

And a 4 year old gets a FISH!

Introducing Darth Vader, our fulltime RVing fish!

Staged for the yard sale.

Still putting stuff out while people shop

Truck Work, thank you JR!

I asked Kyle and JR where they would take their truck for brakes and shocks. They seemed dumbfounded that I wouldn't do the work. And then JR offered to do it. I'm really thankful for him doing it!

Yep, already way over my head.

New Bilstein Shocks

Meanwhile, inside- I tried helping Kayla with her computer

Birthday Party Time

With us in town and Logan turning 4, it seemed high time for a shindig.

Inside the garage

Many party tents

More of the gathering


Sara and Ally

Blowing out his candles

 Grandpa Alan's Birthday

Birthday dinner at Carlos and Charlies

He got screwed on the cake, it was a corner of Logan's

As usual, this is just a sampling of the photos. There are plenty more on Flickr.

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