Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Freeloading at Mike and Ginny's

We left Myrtle Beach and headed up the road for Mike and Ginny's house where we driveway camped freeloaded at their place for a week. The laughter started almost immediately- I could see Mike's grin as he thought he was going to get a show to watch as we backed into the driveway. Fortunately for me, we didn't put much of one on! That said, the yard beside of the driveway is almost perfectly laid out for a camper.

Our wonderful "camp site"

We had a great first afternoon/night visit- one of those "no pictures" kind of times. We were all kinds of excited when we learned that the campground offered breakfast in the mornings.

This campground serves breakfast!
So yummy

I will say, this was one of the first bathhouses I had used in quite a while. Don't worry, it was nice and clean!

Haven't used a "bathhouse" in a long time!

We had mail arrive on Friday and included in it was a big classroom kit from Matchbox. It had ramps and loops and whatnot. We got it as a homeschooling family. After work, I walked in to find a ramp running from one end of the house to the other and the kids (by which, I mean mostly Mike) were racing cars down it.

Hot Wheels educator kit was a hit

For dinner, Mandie cooked up the last of our farm-fresh meat into meatloaf in her InstantPot. For those who don't know, Mandie's a pot-head. In the Fulltime Families group, there is quite a cult-like following for an electric pressure cooker called an InstantPot. We drank the koolaid back in December and we love it. (So much so, we got rid of our crockpot a month ago and recently bought a second InstantPot!)

Meatloaf from fresh Legare Farms beef

Randomly, here is a flip-book of of selfies that Logan took.

After dinner, more Matchbox track was setup:

Videos here and here and here.

Hot Wheels ramp
Standing on the counter, totally legit

Saturday found us boating and throwing crab traps in the water. According to Mike, this was officially the latest that they ever went. I'd also not be surprised if this was the most crap they ever took. We didn't catch anything, but it was a beautiful day. The kids petered out pretty quick and we headed back to the house.

Boat ride
Lifelong friends

Life vested up

Ginny and me



More Matchboxing happened!

More Hotwheels!

Complete with videos and all:
On Sunday, we headed to the North Carolina Aquarium and Pine Knoll Shores. This was a really neat place. But what I loved most was watching the kids interacting with Mr. Mike and Ms. Ginny and the kindness that was reciprocated. (Thanks guys.)

A bonus for us is that it was on our reciprocal zoo membership and we got in free!

Checking out what's in the tank
Trent Woods, NC

Trent Woods, NC

Let me take a selfie!

Learning about Horseshoe Crabs

Checking out the shark tank

Some kissy time

Learning about turltes

My most beautiful bride

Back to the touch tank

Otter box in real life

Selfie with a diver!

Headed back, we made a quick stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to sample their wares:

Chair testing
Testing a squatty potty!

Much too quickly, it was time to say our goodbyes. We had a wonderful week with the Fentons and thank them greatly for their hospitality. Mandie and the kids literally invaded their house each day.


I'm pretty light on photos this week as we spent the time visiting with my phone tucked away. Even still, check Flickr, as there are a few more there.

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