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Disneyland and some RV service

If you're on a slow connection, I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 pictures and 501 more. There are so many photos on this post.

Monday Night

We left Los Angeles for a fairly short drive down the road. We had an early morning appointment at Redlands Truck & RV Service center for some upgrades to be done on the camper:
  • New Glowstep Revolution steps by Torklift
  • New JoyRider shocks
  • And, a couple of little fixes (there's always something)
Because we aren't "early morning" kind of people, we were told that Redlands had 50amp electrical hookups outside and figured we'd spend a night in their parking lot. We were a little surprised when we got there to find that we weren't in the parking lot (locked/gated/and guarded by angry dogs) and were parked on the street. We also had to have our slide within inches of a mailbox in order for our cord to reach. I don't know how I don't have a photo of that- we were complimented in the morning by the staff.

Parked outside of Redlands Truck and RV

Tuesday #1

The plan was to leave the camper with them on Tuesday and pick it up on Friday. In the meantime, we were going to enjoy Disneyland and stay at a hotel. We opted for a theme'd room and picked "Cars" as our #1 theme.
Cars Theme at the hotel
Our first day there, we napped and then had dinner at Goofy's Kitchen (which is essentially the California version of Chef Mickey's). While waiting for dinner, we met Santa - who was none-too-pleased with Paige's Jack Skellington Jacket, saying his last experience with that guy didn't go well. We ate until we were stuffed, met the characters, and then went for a walk around Downtown Disney.
Disneyland entry sign
Downtown Disney sign
World of Disney
Gingerbread house
Our reflection
Visiting Santa
Meeting Chef Goofy
Meeting Minnie
Disneyland hotel pool
We bought 4-days of tickets (that we later upgraded to 5-days). We ultimately did 3 days at Disneyland and 2 days at California Adventure. It was a lot to take in and we probably could have done it in less time, but we are slow.
Paper tickets

Wednesday #1

Our first day was spent at Disneyland. I'll blat out a handful of pictures, but basically- we moved around the park and did as much as we could.
Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
Us at Disneyland
Disneyland vehicles transport guests
First look at their tiny castle
Paige's birthday button
Matterhorn sign
Face painting
Face painting
Disneyland's castle
Nightmare Before Christmas Overlay at the Haunted Mansion
Nightmare Before Christmas Overlay at the Haunted Mansion
Hidden Mickey at the Nightmare Before Christmas Overlay at the Haunted Mansion
Jack at the Nightmare Before Christmas Overlay at the Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain Ride photo
Dinosaurs on the train ride around the park
Pirates of the Caribbean
Meeting Jack and Sally
Hyperspace Mountain
Christmas Overlay at It's a Small World
Christmas Overlay at It's a Small World
Silly faces on Finding Nemo
Paint the Night Parade
Disneyland Fireworks

We did find that by the end of the first night, her ankle injury re-raised itself to the point that we ended up seeing the Disney nurses (who are totes legit) and wheelchaired her as far as we could. We rented a wheelchair each park day after that.

Nurses at Disneyland

Thursday #1

Our second day, we ended up at Disney California Adventure. After a quick stop to meet Oswald, we beat feet to get Radiator Springs Racers FastPasses. From there, we explored!
First look at Disney California Adventure
Meeting Oswald

As with the day before, we sort of meandered our way around the park hitting attractions and shows and whatnot.
Riding the Tractors
Cozy Cone Motel
Meeting Lightning McQueen
A Bug's Land
Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror Ride Photo
Meeting Olaf & playing in the "snow"
The corndogs are what legends are made of.
Flo's V8 Cafe in Radiator Springs at Disney's California Adventure
Radiator Springs Racers at Disney's California Adventure
Anaheim and Disney's California Adventure
Headed out, with our many, many, many friends

Friday #1

By Friday, we were supposed to be getting the camper back. Instead, we made a trip to the camper to grab extra clothes, some snacks, and living provisions for a few more hotel nights (at least through the weekend). To install the shocks, they had to move a propane line; moving the propane line, they found that it was majorly damaged by the existing equalizers between the axles; and so on... BUT, they likely saved us from a catastrophic fiery propane event out on the road. I'm not upset with them- they were great at keeping me posted as to what was going on. On the trip to the camper, we got our first taste of California traffic.
Porpane line damage from Lippert Equa-Flex
Joy Rider shocks installed
Camper work- new steps, propane line, and Joy Rider install
Anaheim and Disney's California Adventure
View of Disneyland fireworks from hotel

Saturday, it's not all vacation #1

We decided to lay low on Saturday as full-timing, even when at Disneyland, isn't always vacation. We hit up a Mexican restaurant suggested by a friend. It was very good, but my family really struggles with corn tortillas!
Anaheim and Disney's California Adventure

And then, a dreadful visit to Walmart. I told you, we like to party.
Gimping it up at Walmart

We finished it off with some pool time (too chilly for us adults!) and watching the fireworks from the hotel balcony.
Some pool time

Sunday #1

By Sunday, we were back at the fun where we went into Disneyland again. This time, we were exploring some of the classics in Fantasyville or land or something.
From Pinocchio maybe?
Christmas Parade
Christmas Parade
Disneyland's Castle
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Tiki Room
Jingle Cruise!
Jingle Cruise
Indiana Jones
My little explorer
1/2 of a Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans
Nightmare Before Christmas overlay at Haunted Mansion
Fantasmic! at Disneyland
Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland

We also tried some of the culinary delights. My kids were agog over the corn on the cob. We bought many of them.
A pickle is a snack!
Corn on the cob!
Chimichanga or something (kinda gross)
Mickey Ice Cream bar at Disneyland

The kids slept hard and well after a long fun day.
Once again, the kids slept hard!

Monday #2

On Monday, we checked out of the hotel and headed to the RV service center. The camper wasn't done, but they agreed to get it to a point that we could overnight in it out on the road. So we did that.
Lounging at the "club house" at the dealership
RV Flush, black & gray tank cleaners

Tuesday #2

Oh joyous day, we finally got our camper back and moved to Anaheim RV Park. I have to give them a ton of credit for putting up with a pain in the butt customer (aka, me). I literally called them to keep repeatedly for rescheduling based on possible expectations for getting the camper back. And then they dealt with a Sleep Number debacle in a huge way; they literally had 1/2 of a Sleep Number bed in a large box for a couple of weeks. Never once giving me attitude and always being super friendly.
Our site at Anaheim RV Park
Anaheim RV Park's breakfast area
Oh Sleep Number, you suck.
Pie ala mode at Marie Callendar's

Wednesday #2

Literally my only pictures from Wednesday were of us doing laundry and seeing fireworks. I guess I worked and life happened.
Laundry fun
Disneyland fireworks from Anaheim RV Park
Our family launders together

Thursday #2

For Thursday, a whole Sleep Number bed arrived for me. By this point, I had a bed and a half.
Our site at Anaheim RV Park

But, more importantly, we were making our way back to California Adventure.
Corn on the cob!
Barf bags on the wild cars of the ferris wheel
Buzz Lightyear!
Little Mermaid
Music/show - A suitcase and a dream
Aladdin Musical
Pixar Parade
Pixar Parade
Visiting Anna and Elsa
Animation Academy
Animation Academy
Turtle Talk with Crush
Radiator Springs Racers

Friday #2

No real important pictures to post.

Saturday #2

Paige and I assembled our Sleep Number bed. While the bed was a nightmare to get (and the gift kept giving as a 3rd bed was inadvertently delivered sometime in January), I really do love the bed. Mandie and I are able to adjust each side individually and we sleep better because of it.
Sleep Number bed installed!

Sunday #2

This was our last Disney day. We were focused on the few remaining things that we hadn't done yet (and some repeats!).
Music/show at the entrance
Meeting Minnie
Meeting Mickey
Casey's Train
Mickey and the Magical Map
Nemo ride in Disneyland
Storybook Land Canal Boats
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean
Buzz Lightyear!
Hyperspace Mountain
Saying Goodbye and Goodnight to Minnie and Mickey

Monday #3

The day before move day and what do the kids do? They build a fort in the bunkhouse, that's what!
A Bunkhouse Fort!

Tuesday #3

We headed on down the road to Jamul, California, which is just outside of San Diego. We stayed there through Christmas and I have a lot of fun things to blog about. But that'll come next.

More Photos, yes really

Sadly, this was 100+ photos and this is only 1/5 of the photos + videos that I put up onto Flickr. See more on Flickr.

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