Thursday, June 18, 2015

Movers were here and our stuff is gone.

Truck, house, and camper - my life
In the past week or two, it has been a flurry for the final rush. I can't say that we got to this point gently, easily, or any other nice word. It's more of a mad dash and a crash at home plate and we're not done yet!

I promise we're not hoarders when you read this list. We have:
  • Taken 2 truck loads to the dump- both heaping.
  • Taken 1 heaping truck load to the auction.
  • Sold a plethora of items on Facebook yard sale groups and Craigslist.
  • Given away a bunch.
  • Donated many bags of clothes.
Empty Truck
Yesterday was our big day- at 9:30am, the movers showed up and started carrying our house out piece by piece. My wife and I chuckled when we saw the size of their truck and thought "there was no way". While we were right- they got everything except 2 chairs, a small patio end table, and a pair of flower pots that we used as a water feature on our back deck. They were working until about 7-7:30pm and then we had to sign papers.

Boxes Loaded   Truck loaded (notice the things strapped to the back)

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