Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 2, a travel day

It's very unlikely that I'll continue daily blogging; but for now it's fun to try and recap a day. As I mentioned, last night we parked in front of my cousin & her husband's house. We plugged into an outlet on the porch- I do have to admit, we popped the breaker a total of 3 times. Whoops!

God bless my family at being good at spontenaity- from texting my cousin at 10:30pm, we ended up having an 8:30am breakfast with her, her hubby, her 2 brothers, and my aunt and uncle. It was a perfect start to the idea of a fluid life that fulltiming is supposed to be (though, we still beat feet to make it to Jacksonville tonight).

Breakfast was wonderful- from the food to the company. I hitched up, adjusted my TrailAir Pinbox, and we tackled a u-turn on a large but still not large enough cul de sac. It went well- fortunately no viral Youtube fodder (especially as my cousin was recording!).

The rest of the day was a typical travel day- lunch at a rest stop and dinner at a Subway in a truck stop. Highlights were stopping at South Of The Border's truckstop- that's still one of the most disgusting stores... ever. And, we weighed the truck and camper at the dinner truckstop.

Some pictures from today..

First, breakfast with my family:

Next up, our accommodations for the night:

Next, my stupid doors like to take up collections of hair:

I found a leftover little footprint as Logan was climbing on things the day before:

I pumped up my TrailAir pin box with a bike pump. Nothing like lifting 2,600 lbs. with a hand pump:

We said our goodbyes and then we were off. Mandie napped first and drove later while I zonked out at the same time as the kids.

We stopped at South Of The Border for fuel (7-15 cents more expensive here than everywhere else). And, you haven't lived until you've seen the horror that is Pedro's Truck Stop.

And Mandie got us all a little candy treat. The boy enjoyed his M&Ms:

As I mentioned, we weighed the truck and camper at dinner. For those interested- here are the numbers:

And now, we are parked and setup at Pecan Park RV Resort in Jacksonville, FL. We got here about midnight-thirty. We have stayed here twice now. It's a great for a quick and easy overnight stop. A little spendy, but we know what to expect and they're paved, pull-thru, and fairly level lots. I just wish we weren't so crookedly parked!

Disney's Fort Wilderness tomorrow!

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