Friday, August 28, 2015

Week in review - Cincinnati, OH

I'm a terrible person and have totally neglected the blog. So, you're about to get a bunch of half-assed blog entries that recap a bunch of weeks into one. Leaving Stone Mountain Park Campground in Atlanta, we headed to Cincinnati and stayed at Winton Woods Campground.
Cincinnati, OH
Happy Campers
We had a really low key week. I worked through the week and that weekend we went into the city. The kids played at the playgrounds, Paige and I rode bikes, and our fellow campers were overly friendly. For instance, we were barely backed into our site before the "welcoming committee" came over and were asking about my bike rack and telling me stories of their electrical problems and asking questions about the camper. I mean literally, they were on the way before I was done backing up and we were still hitched to the truck. Another case, a "grandfatherly" type guy offered Mandie and me $5 for us to buy the kids ice cream; not just offered- had it out and tried pressing it into my hand.

On one evening, we went out to dinner at a local BBQ place called Pit to Plate. It was another TripAdvisor recommendation and win. Good stuff. I'd gladly go back.

On Saturday, we went to the Underground Railroad Museum. This was amazing. Very moving and very informative.

On Sunday, we went to the William Howard Taft National Historic Site to help Paige fill out her Paige's National Passport Booklet. While there, Paige and Logan did the Junior Ranger program. Logan is EXTREMELY proud of his badge and has worn it since.

One of the days, we killed time at a waterfront park. Very cute area. Paige and Logan really enjoyed the water feature- even if they weren't dressed for it!

More yummy food at the old spaghetti factory.

This time, you're going to need to just go to Flickr for photos.

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